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Professional Organiser, part of the original organising team from BAFTA nominated BBC1 show "Sort Your Life Out"

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I am an experienced, professional home organiser based in Tring, Hertfordshire.

I organise, simplify and transform any space. Years of experience in 100's of houses mean that I can walk into any home and instinctively understand the clients, the layout, the problem and how you need to function in it. I offer a home organisation service, space planning,  storage solutions, a MoveMe service and practical advice to create sustainable systems.  I work with you to simplify your home life and regain control.          


   Helen x 

Do you need someone to listen, problem solve and get the job done?

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  I help you to reduce clutter and achieve simple order to transform the way you live & work.  Let's start with a cuppa, the radio on and a good chat about how I am going to help you move forward...


Do you need a good SORT AND ORDER?

All services include a free 15/30min telephone consultation.

Kind Words

I am grateful to Helen everyday for the calmness she has created from the chaos we lived in before. I didn’t realise how bad the ‘before’ was until I witnessed the ‘after’. Simple things like having the same basket in my hall and one in my bedroom to drop my multiple pairs of glasses is a life changer! I could never find them before and now they have a place. Everything having a place makes a massive difference in our house. I loved how Helen respected all my belongings and nothing was thrown out without my consent. It amazes me how someone new can come into your house, clear the shelves and put all the good stuff back in the best places. Only a professional would know how to do this and we picked the right one! So glad we found you Helen. You changed our life for the better and we are forever grateful xx 
It took me ages to admit to myself that I needed help. Helen was full of ideas to help my house flow better.  She arrived fully loaded with storage, we used all of it and it's been a game changer.  I have been able to clear my house and get things in order and also clear the overwhelm in my mind. The two days she was in the house were actually enjoyable. Helen has a great sense of humour and I can't wait to have her back to sort the office.
Helen has changed my life!!  I have 4 kids and my house was upside down. No-one could find anything ,making the mornings a tad  stressful.  Helen sent me the storage suggestions to buy and  recommended some Ikea furniture that has slotted into our hallway perfectly.  She helped me reduce my belongings and rearranged the children's  clothes into a system for each child.  Helen planned a good 'set up' for the utility room too, which was another area of pure carnage!!   I have booked her for 3 months time for a  top up and kept her number in my speed dial.

Lisa- Northampton

Olivia - St Albans


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